Join us for an inspiring 6 week immersion into Yoga Nidra meditation 


Did you know that Yoga Nidra awakens the force of your soul? 

Your soul is the part of yourself that perceives beauty, consciousness and light. When freed, it's the force of transformation in mind and body that returns you to right relationship with life. 

When life experiences are too painful to process, they become buried in our subconscious mind and condition the way that we perceive the world. Apart of us stays frozen in the past.

This leads to a feeling that we're separated from an essential part of ourselves - and that we've lost a connection to our natural instincts, inner voice, intuition and inner knowing.

When the soul goes underground, it's like a death. 

We become stuck in repeating patterns of stress, body pain, anxiety, and depression that has roots in our memories and emotions. This is how we continue to live out the past.

We can apply band-aids to our symptoms, but nothing will change until we compassionately shine a light on our subconscious mind and heal the wounds of the soul. 

Yoga Nidra is an ancient sleep meditation that opens the doorway to your inner world. This practice holds you in a space of expanded awareness and inner stillness - where you can release subconscious stress and rejuvenate on a deep cellular level. 

Through immersion into practice, a healing process within you awakens. You begin to shed the patterns of the past that no longer serve you, like the wise way a serpent sheds her skin. 

When your vital energy is freed from the mind, it becomes a force of inner transformation and authentic guidance. 

You will realize a profound inner truth - that you don't have to continue to live out the past. That you can return to the fullness of the present moment, and create a new path forward.

Studies show that Yoga Nidra meditation transforms the neuroplasticity of your brain, regulates your nervous system, and repatterns the way you experience the world. 

It helps you embody the source of peace and joy that you have inside. 

What part of yourself are you ready to reclaim? 

. . . 

Join us for an inspiring 6 week immersion into Yoga Nidra meditation and the sheaths of body, mind and soul. 

  • Develop a meditation practice that brings you clarity, peace and inner guidance. 
  • Shine a light on the subconscious patterns of the past in body, emotions and mind. 
  • Heal at the root level of the soul, and transform your relationship to self, others and the world. 
  • Reconnect to the wisdom of your body, your intuition and inner knowing. 
  • Learn the art of deep inner listening, and honour the voice of your heart. 
  • Regulate your nervous system, and repattern your body and mind. 
  • Grow the seed of your potential, and express the light and beauty of your soul. 
  • Explore Yoga Nidra as both a meditation practice, and an ancient healing art. 
  • Learn to facilitate Yoga Nidra sessions for private clients, groups and classes. 
  • Teachers can earn Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits. 

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This online program guides you through 6 modules with lessons, practices and meditations for the sheaths of your soul: 

WEEK ONE: Seed of Light 

The foundation of a yoga nidra journey is sankalpa, a sacred intention that arises from the voice of your heart. Discover the seed of light that will guide you forward on your healing journey.

In this module, you'll:  

  • Uncover the ancient wisdom of Yoga Nidra in your life. 
  • Learn about the brain wave states of meditation. 
  • Explore the maya koshas, the inner map of the soul. 
  • Practice the art of sankalpa + deep inner listening. 

WEEK TWO: Plant Your Seed 

Journey in the annamaya kosha, the physical body and outermost sheath of your soul. Connect pathways of light between body and mind, and regenerate your nervous system.

In this module, you'll:  

  • Meditate on the seven tissue layers of your physical body. 
  • Explore your connection to prana + the natural world. 
  • Learn about pratyhara, the five senses + the brain. 
  • Practice conscious relaxation + rotation of consciousness. 

WEEK THREE: Water Your Seed 

Step through the second doorway of meditation into the pranayama kosha, the subtle sheath of life force energy. Expand awareness into your breath, and open the vital flow through your chakra system.  

In this module, you'll:  

  • Deepen awareness of prana + the element of light. 
  • Explore the vayus or winds of the breath. 
  • Practice sacred pranayam + the pulse of life.  
  • Meditate on your chakras + subtle energetic anatomy.  

WEEK FOUR: Nourish Your Seed 

Practice compassionate self-observation as you encounter the manomaya kosha, the sheath that holds your habitual thoughts, emotions and perceptions of the world. 

In this module, you'll:  

  • Meditate on the subconscious mind + emotions.
  • Learn about the four aspects of the mind. 
  • Identify your samskaras + hidden thought pathways. 
  • Reconcile the tension of opposites in body + mind. 

WEEK FIVE: Grow Your Seed 

Expand your awareness into the vijnanamaya kosha, the sheath of wisdom, intuition and inner knowing. Go beyond the mind to the heart, and connect to a whole and unified vision of your life. 

In this module, you'll:  

  • Heal the origins of unconscious belief systems. 
  • Deepen into dharana, meditative concentration at the third eye. 
  • Practice dhyana, immersion with healing symbols + sounds. 
  • Meditate on the temple of your spiritual heart. 

WEEK SIX: Seed to Flower 

Complete your journey in the folds of the anandamaya kosha, your innermost space of stillness and peace. Transcend the boundaries of your body and mind, and know your true nature. 

In this module, you'll:  

  • Integrate the mythic journey of your soul. 
  • Explore the yamas + niyamas as flowers of consciousness.
  • Discover your personal atman, the jewel of the lotus flower. 
  • Meditate on turiya, the fourth state of consciousness. 



Download original Yoga Nidra meditations for each maya kosha.


Learn to lead transformative Yoga Nidra classes and private sessions.


Join the group live for Q+A, meditation, and coaching.

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Journey Into Wisdom is an online immersion and training in the practice of Yoga Nidra meditation. You'll receive six program modules delivered through an online classroom platform, and four live group meditations + Q&A calls. You'll be invited to join a private FB community, and have lifetime access to course materials to deepen your learning over time. 



  • JOURNEY through the five sheaths of your body, mind and soul. 
  • RELEASE emotional blocks and increase vitality in body and mind. 
  • CLEAR subconscious patterns and belief systems come from the past.
  • HEAR the quiet voice of your heart, and reawaken your body's wisdom. 
  • CONNECT to your inner source of stillness and peace. 
  • DEVELOP a meditation practice that will support you for a lifetime. 
  • INTEGRATE new awareness into your life, and grow spiritually. 



  • EXPLORE the history, philosophy, and physiology of Yoga Nidra. 
  • DEEPEN your understanding of the mind, body and spirit paradigm. 
  • LEARN techniques and practices for the progressive stages of meditation. 
  • CONNECT to the sacred essence of the ancient teachings. 
  • BECOME a bridge for students to safely release subconscious stress.  
  • CARRY forward the healing potential of Yoga Nidra into your community. 
  • EARN Yoga Alliance Continuing credits, and grow as a facilitator. 



Interact with course materials from anywhere in the world, at any time, through an easy-to-use online course classroom.


Move at your own pace with lifetime access to course materials, and continue to learn and grow over time.  


Integrate your understanding from the direct experience of practice, and connect to the wise teacher within. 


Yoga teachers receive Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits for completing the program.  


  • 26 hour Yoga Nidra meditation program. 
  • 6 Yoga Nidra meditations that you can download.
  • 6 video practices on nyasa, pranayama, mantra, and more. 
  • 6 lessons on yoga history, philosophy, physiology, anatomy. 
  • 6 lessons on the stages of meditation and teaching methodology. 
  • 16 page yoga nidra facilitator's guide. 
  • 4 live Q+A sessions with group meditation. 
  • Self reflection, mandala and soul mapping exercises. 
  • Professional and easy to use online classroom. 
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and updates. 
  • Private facebook group of students, healers, and teachers.
  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits.  


  •  Anybody who wants to change their emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Yoga students who want to deepen their meditation practice.
  • Yoga teachers who want to offer classes in Yoga Nidra meditation. 
  • Counsellors and wellness professionals who want to offer Yoga Nidra.
  • Anybody who wants to connect to their intuition and inner knowing.
  • Those who've struggled with PTSD, and are ready to heal from the past.
  • Anybody who feels called to explore their whole and authentic self.

Join us for an inspiring 6 week immersion into Yoga Nidra meditation and the sheaths of body, mind and soul. 


"Journey Into Wisdom deepened my connection to my inner voice on a profound level. It opened my communication with the different levels of my consciousness, and I feel more aware of the messages coming through. I feel so much more receptive than before. This program is a profound experience of wisdom sharing that helps you connect with your inner vision, true voice, and the clarity of your heart." - Lisa C.

"This training helped me with my own personal healing! The voice of my soul came though, and I’m so grateful! I never thought true healing was possible. I thought I’d be broken forever. I thought meditation and Yoga Nidra would be just another band aid- a nice lovely band aid- but a band aid. I was wrong! This training was a glimpse of what’s possible with regular meditation. Journey Into Wisdom is the best Yoga Nidra training out there. - Jo P.

"This program and the practices that I learned, were keys to opening the door to vital inner knowing that I have sought for years. Yoga Nidra has been a real gift, and having the support of a group led by Kristen made a huge difference in my ability to go deep and learn. Journey Into Wisdom is like walking a path with a caring and knowledgeable guide. This program was a full- being experience that can be continued as a practice that is deeply nurturing on many levels." - Sandra L.  

"Journey Into Wisdom is a beautiful articulate teaching of sacred knowledge, and a very powerful guide into a deeper understanding of all the layers of self, and how they all work together as a whole and how to incorporate them in daily life. And as a result, a calmer more quiet mind which makes you feel great! - Janice D.  


Kristen Ann McCarthy (BFA, E-RYT, YACEP) is a certified yoga teacher and shamanic energy practitioner with a love for the ancient wisdom traditions. Her work in holistic health developed through in-depth studies in yoga, meditation, shamanic medicine, energy healing, ayurveda and transpersonal psychology. 

Kristen is a registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education provider, who combines her vision, warm heart, and gentle leadership to guide others with skill through transformational practices. She holds space for others to ask the deeper questions, and uncover the greater wisdom within themselves. She created Journey Into Wisdom from a clear vision to teach Yoga Nidra as an ancient healing art for mind, body and soul: 

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