with Farah Nazarali & Kristen McCarthy


Do you want the space to slow down and reconnect with yourself? 

Are you ready to refresh your body, mind and spirit? 

Join us for a weekend yoga retreat surrounded by the natural beauty and magic of Bowen Island. The fall season is a sacred time when we are called back to the wisdom of the earth - to let go of what we no longer need for the new cycle ahead. Sacred Passages is inspired by the daily practices of yoga and meditation that keep us grounded and nourished, and from the desire to honour what is sacred inside of us. 

On this 3 day weekend retreat, you will: 

  • Quiet your mind, and listen for the voice of your intuition and inner knowing to arise. 
  • Nourish yourself with the healing force of nature, and give yourself the time and space you need to recharge. 
  • Deepen your yoga and meditation practice, and become the student of the divine teacher within. 
  • Connect with a community of like-minded souls, and join together to celebrate the sacred essence of life. 
  • Honour the Divine Feminine wisdom and creative life force energy that inspires your heart. 
  • Feel more calm, clear and expanded in body and spirit - come home revitalized and enlivened. 

Welcome To Your Sanctuary

XENIA RETREAT CENTRE is a 38-acre Sanctuary in the heart of Bowen Island, one hour from downtown Vancouver. It's surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected forests and lakes. It's a place to heal, to rest, and to discover one’s true nature and inherent gifts. 

At the heart of Xenia are the places where you can rest and find your creative voice. These places act as sanctuaries, as well as a place to nourish yourself and connect with others. What you find here has it's own story built from time, spirit and destiny: 

OPA, The Ancient Tree Opa, a 1,000 year Douglas Fir tree, is one of two old growth trees remaining on Bowen Island. We are graced with the presence of this sentient being and it is a humbling experience to stand at Opa’s feet. Opa will listen to your story and answer your questions. 

The Labyrinth (11 Circuits) The Labyrinth is an Archetype, a divine imprint found in spiritual traditions in various forms around the world. By walking the labyrinth we are discovering a long forgotten mystical tradition which becomes a metaphor for our own spiritual journey. 

Meditation Sanctuary The Sanctuary was built entirely of wood from Xenia.The moment you step into the Sanctuary, the pristine silence greets you and a peace moves through the air. With an eternal candle holding silent vigil 24 hours a day. A universal symbol of love and peace. 


This special weekend retreat runs from Friday October 25th - Sunday October 27th, 2019

 $575 - $650 per person (private and shared accomodations available) 


3:00pm ~ Check In & Hellos 4:00pm ~ Opening Circle

Farah and Kristen welcome you, and open a sacred circle for the weekend. Explore the symbolism of the altar space, the natural elements, and learn about the four aspects of the Divine Mother. 

6:00pm ~ Communal Dinner 7:30pm ~ Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra Journey w/ Kristen 

A special candle lit evening to connect to the heartbeat of the earth, and to release the layers of physical and emotional tension from your tissues. Step through the inner doorway to the temple of your heart.  


7:30am ~ Walking Meditation w/ Farah  

Connect with the Earth and surrender into her embrace all that needs to be release during this silent Nature walk that incorporates mantra and mindful walking.  

8:30am ~ Breakfast 10:00am ~ Morning Hatha w/ Kristen  

Explore the deeper medicine of hatha yoga and harmonize the inner elements of nature during this seasonal cycle of letting go. Connect to your personal sadhana, the wisdom of your daily practices. 

12:00pm ~ Silent Lunch 1:00pm ~ Free time (reflection, journalling, or Labyrinth walk) 3:30pm Mantra Workshop w/ Farah  

Mantra helps to liberate the mind from conditioned thoughts and beliefs. Use the vibrational frequency of sanskrit to generate health, happiness, and harmony in our mind, body, and spirit.

6:00pm ~ Communal Dinner 8:00pm ~ Evening Rose Ceremony with w/ Farah & Kristen 

The rose is known as the queen of the elementals, and a healer of the heart. Gather in ceremony to recieve the light and blessings of the Divine Feminine, and to honour the sacred inside of yourself. 


7:30am ~ Breathwork & Meditation w/ Kristen 

Light the inner fire with powerful breath exercises and chakra mantras. Daily pratices to burn away what is no longer useful, and to brighten your mind and vivify your spirit through the winter months. 

8:30am ~ Breakfast 10:00am ~ Morning Hatha w/ Farah

Singing is one of the most effective ways to lengthen breath, harmonize the chakras, and tune into the vibrational frequencies of our bodies. Learn a yoga sequence that incorporates singing the sanskrit vowels with hatha yoga postures.  

12:00pm ~ Silent Lunch 1:30pm ~ Closing Circle w/ Farah & Kristen 

A special continuation of our evening ceremony, and a final closing of our circle. A time to share our experiences in the retreat, and reflect on the deeper messages from our spirits. 

3:00pm ~ Check Out & Goodbyes 


Kristen McCarthy

Kristen Ann McCarthy is a yoga and meditation teacher, shamanic energy healing practitioner and the creator of the Journey Into Wisdom yoga nidra program. This seasonal retreat was inspired by her personal practices, and the wisdom passed down from her teachers and spiritual lineage. Over the course of this weekend, she will share her work in yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, shamanism, and spiritual ceremony: www.kristenannmccarthy.com 

Farah Nazarali

Farah Nazarali loves to inspire students in their yoga practice and help people connect with the wisdom that lives deep inside all of us. She finds mantra and meditation amongst the most sophisticated psychological tools to liberate the mind from conditioned beliefs and tap into the unlimited and creative potential of human consciousness. She will share her work in these areas throughout the weekend retreat: www.drishtipoint.ca


  • 2 nights stay at Xenia Retreat Centre on Bowen Island
  • 6 catered vegan breakfasts, lunches, and dinners from hOMe Grown Foods 
  • 2 sacred group circles with Farah & Kristen 
  • 5 yoga, meditation and mantra master classes
  • 1 Rose ceremony with prasad (ritual sweets) 
  • Free time to be, explore nature, and rejuvenate

On this retreat you will immerse yourself in the experience of sadhana - the daily practices that balance, harmonize and nourish your mind, body and spirit.