Journey Into Wisdom


Healing With Yoga Nidra Meditation



 You are a seeker, holistic healer, yoga student or teacher who is. . .

WALKING A PATH OF PERSONAL HEALING, and knows that wisdom comes from within. 

READY TO RELEASE OLD PATTERNS in mind and body, and to create new pathways forward. 

LEARNING THE HOLISTIC NATURE OF HEALING and wants to guide others through transformative practices.

DEEPENING INTO YOGA PRACTICE through meditation, breath work and self-reflection. 

OPENING INTO AWARENESS of the spiritual aspects of self, others and world.

AWAKENING TO A SOUL VISION and ready to grow your seed of potential into full flower in the world. 

You're Invited to



DIVE into the art and science of yoga nidra meditation, dream yoga practices, and self-inquiry.

JOURNEY step-by-step through the inner map of your body and soul to your source of wisdom. 

INTEGRATE your knowledge of the inner landscape into your private consults and group classes.

IMAGINE . . .  

  • Harmony on all levels of who you are in body, mind, soul and spirit. 
  • An intimate connection with your healing wisdom, intuition and inner knowing. 
  • Living from your authentic centre with steadiness, strength and inspiration. 
  • Transforming your relationships with self, others and the world from the inside-out. 
  • A meditation practice that brings you clarity, guidance, and wise inner counsel. 
  • Expressing the beauty of your inner world, and sharing your gifts with the world. 
  • Guiding students and clients through transpersonal spaces with skill and grace.

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Journey Into Wisdom opens for enrollment

Your healing wisdom is connected to the core of who you are 

I'm Kristen Ann McCarthy, and I created this unique program from my experience as a teacher and practitioner in the healing arts of yoga and shamanism.

The ancient wisdom of yoga points to self-knowledge as the key to healing, inner transformation and spiritual growth. 

Meditation is the doorway to your inner world, and regular practice transforms the neuroplasticity of your brain, and repatterns the way you experience the world around you. 

You don't have to continue to live out the past. You can create a new path forward. One that is inspired by an inner vision of truth and light. 

 Yoga Nidra Meditation is the sacred practice of conscious relaxation, psychic sleep and inner journeying from the tantric wisdom tradition of yoga. 

It leads to an expanded state of awareness of the five dimensions of your body, mind and soul. 

What awakens is your intimate healing intelligence that knows how to bring you back into harmony with life.


Journey Into Wisdom is a six week program that is accessible online from anywhere in the world at anytime. It's both a personal immersion and training that helps you create the space for meditation in your everyday life. 

 Journey Into Wisdom is a six week online program that guides you through the sheaths of your soul: ⠀ SANKALPA - create a seed of light from your heart to guide you forward on your journey. ⠀ ⠀ PHYSICAL SHEATH - Balance your nervous system and rejuvenate the seven tissue layers of your body with the element of light. ⠀ ⠀ ENERGY SHEATH - Increase the flow of life force energy through your seven chakras and let go of the emotions that keep you stuck. ⠀ ⠀ EMOTIONAL SHEATH - Shine a light into the subconscious mind to breakthrough the patterns of thoughts and emotions that come from the past. ⠀ ⠀ WISDOM SHEATH - Awaken your inner vision and intuition, and journey into the temple of your heart. Resolve the unconscious belief systems that keep you separated from the source of Love. ⠀ ⠀ BLISS SHEATH - Open to the source of stillness that emerges from the deepest spaces of meditation, and integrate the flowers of new consciousness into your life. ⠀

Each week you receive access to a new module with five sections of yoga nidra theory, techniques, practices, meditations and self-inquiry. 

Program lessons are delivered through a member's only online classroom platform. You'll be invited to a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and receive personal coaching during live Q&A calls. 

With lifetime access to course materials you can move at your own pace to deepen your understanding over time.



Awaken your healing wisdom to harmonize and unify all parts of who you are in body, mind, heart and spirit. 


Integrate your learning with theory, techniques, practices, meditations, and self-inquiry to transform from the inside-out.


Interact with all course materials from anywhere in the world through an easy-to-use online course classroom.



 Ask questions through the classroom platform and facebook group, and receive support during live coaching sessions with Kristen.


Connect with fellow seekers, yoga students, holistic healers, and teachers from all over the world through a private facebook group. 


Move at your own pace with lifetime access to course materials. Join future live coaching calls, and continue to learn over time.



  • 6 program modules of theory, technique, practice, meditation and self-inquiry. 
  • 5 visionary yoga nidra meditations for healing each layer of self.
  • 6 audio immersions on yoga nidra meditation, philosophy, and physiology.
  • 6 audio immersions on the map of the five koshas and each sheath of the soul. 
  • 6 video practices with nyasa, pranayama, mantra, dream yoga, and more. 
  • 1 immersion into sankalpa, sacred intention, and deep inner listening. 
  • Techniques to progress awareness through each stage of meditation. 
  • 6 dream journal and self-reflection exercises for integration. 
  • 4 live Q+A and group coaching sessions with Kristen. 


  • Devi Kundalini as your divine healing wisdom (immersion and practice). 
  • Facilitator's guide to writing and guiding yoga nidra meditations. 


  • REJUVENATE mind and body with conscious relaxation.
  •  RELEASE emotional blocks to your life force energy. 
  •  TRANSFORM subconscious patterns from the past. 
  • HEAL the wounds of your heart and move forward.
  •  HARMONIZE and integrate all aspects of who you are. 
  • EXPERIENCE the healing potential of yoga nidra meditation and inner journeying.
  •  LEARN to facilitate yoga nidra meditation sessions.


  • 20 hour yoga nidra meditation program. 
  • 5 original yoga nidra healing meditations from Kristen.
  • Professional and easy to use online course platform. 
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and updates. 
  • Private facebook group of seekers, healers, and teachers.
  •  4 live Q+A sessions and invitation to future live calls.  
  • Additional support via email and online course platform. 
  • Move at your own pace to fit your unique schedule.
  • Access the course and meditations anywhere in the world.  

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Journey Into Wisdom opens for enrollment

"Kristen is an embodiment of these cumulative teachings and practices. She guides with an open heart and from a place of true grace. Her words take you on a deep journey inwards as she effortlessly weaves spirituality with science." 


"Kristen's yoga nidra is a unique healing practice. She weaves together a vibrant spiritual experience using sensory awareness to guide us on a journey through the five koshas. I always emerge from her yoga nidra sessions feeling profoundly rested and refreshed. I find the effects of a yoga nidra practice may last for hours or even days, helping me stay calmer and more centred, and helping me sleep better at night."


"The greatest benefit of Yoga Nidra, in my experience, is the ability it gives to explore the landscapes of Divinity that populate my heart and my psyche. It's like slipping into that space between waking and dreaming where my eyes are open but I'm in another realm altogether. And Kristen, well, she has this magical quality of quietude that invites me to turn into myself, to learn more about myself. She's a lamplighter, a guide. She leads me to ever deeper places within myself because she has gone there herself first."


"Kristen is a calm and humble teacher who approaches her teaching with dedicated intention and integrity. She leads a wonderful Yoga Nidra practice where forty-five minutes fly by in a state of relaxed semi-consciousness. She uses beautiful imagery based in nature which helps my mind connect with my body and spirit. At the end of the practice, when called upon to review my initial intention, I am always surprised and moved to see what unexpected message I receive."


"I have fallen in love with the sacred practice of Yoga Nidra. It's unlike any other yoga practice I have experienced. Kristen takes you on an imaginative, relaxing journey, using nothing but her voice. You are awake and conscious during the whole experience, lying comfortably with blankets, bolsters and pillows yet, somehow you leave feeling like you had a wonderful four hour nap.”


Working with Kristen was a dynamic and fulfilling experience. The healing I received wove from one workshop into the next as layers of my being unfolded to reveal my emotions, and the places in my body where I was storing them. Through her guidance, I tapped deep into my sacral chakra, and felt safe to let go and stay open to the wisdom that was available to me. 



Kristen Ann McCarthy is an experienced yoga teacher and shamanic energy healing practitioner with a deep love for the ancient wisdom traditions. 

Her work in holistic healing developed from two decades of personal and professional apprenticeship in yoga, meditation, shamanic medicine, energy healing, ayurveda and transpersonal psychology. 

She has taught thousands of yoga students and trained teachers in yoga nidra meditation. Through her private practice she has guided women and men from all over the world through healing passages. 

Kristen combines her spiritual vision, warm heart, and graceful leadership to guide others with skill through transformational spaces. She holds space for others to ask the deeper questions, and uncover the greater wisdom within themselves. 

 She created Journey Into Wisdom from a clear vision to teach seekers, healers and teachers yoga nidra meditation as an ancient healing art inspired by the divine feminine way. 

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Journey Into Wisdom opens for enrollment